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07/05/10 11:50 PM #1    

Christy Hirsch

Welcome to the Canyon High School Class Of 1981 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

07/08/10 12:48 PM #2    

Christina Haynes (Rice)

Wow...what a great response to our reunion survey.  Looks like the majority are looking for a July August 2011 event.  fun fun

12/07/10 10:04 PM #3    

Carla Possemato (Lytle)

I say go for the live band Also have a great band to look into Hellicopter Ive heard them play at least  30 times They are Fantasy Springs' Rock yard cover band all artists and all eras

01/03/11 03:15 PM #4    

Denice Cantor (Huber)

Hi Christy,


This is Denice Cantor-Huber and my husband owns a winery in Laguna Beach and

I was wondering if you needed to buy any wine for the event just let me know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


01/15/11 12:43 PM #5    


Leslie Christie (Carter)

I would like to see a live band. That would be better than a DJ.

01/20/11 12:55 AM #6    

Linda Yim (Pettingill)


02/07/11 12:40 AM #7    

Greg McKhann

Live band sounds good to me!

02/13/11 05:30 PM #8    

Lisa White (Jolliffe)

Jim and I vote live.  Can't wait!

02/15/11 05:14 PM #9    

Ritamarie Martinez (Beeman)


02/28/11 09:38 PM #10    


Michael Jacobus

Live band !! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

03/27/11 09:21 PM #11    

Audrey Papuga (Lopez)

Live band!

03/28/11 02:40 PM #12    

Todd Bergman

I vote for a live band as well...looking forward to the reunion:)

04/25/11 01:31 AM #13    

Rina Elson (Weisman)

Won't be at the reunion, since we'll be at Comic-Con that weekend - but looking forward to seeing notes and video and such posted up here at the reunion site.  Have fun!

05/26/11 02:57 AM #14    

Sheila Rocks

Theres a name that is is posted as "Jane Crabtree"...her name is "Jana Crabtree"...I've been looking for her as well. I have'nt found her on FB or any other site as of yet.

Thanks for pointing this out.  We made the change on the classmate list. -- Christy

05/29/11 03:01 PM #15    

Scott Walker

So I'm at this High School function ( A High School I can't mention,but it's initials are VP) for my oldest Daughter and one of the Moms at the table mentions that she went to Canyon...... Graduated in 1981 and that the 30yr Reunion was coming up. REALLY ! ... 30 YEARS ? ........ WHEN DID ALL OF YOU GET SO OLD ! 

06/14/11 05:10 PM #16    

Christy Hirsch

Scott - Yes, I am wondering the same --  how did 30 years . .  THIRTY, really? . . .go past so quickly.

08/11/21 04:53 PM #17    

Heidi Scott (Joffrion)

Huge thanks goes out to Elise, Christina and Christy for putting together a fabulous 40th reunion! Because of their efforts many of us were able to connect up with many friends from long ago. 




08/18/21 10:05 AM #18    

Patricia O'Toole (Falvo)

Thank you Elise, Christy and Christina plus all the people who helped put together a fabulous 40th reunion.  The venue was the perfect summer spot along with a top-notched band and beautifuly presented food & beveragaes.  I enjoyed cathcing up with old friends and meeting new ones. Thank you! Patti O'Toole Falvo



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